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1. Haunt Me

I feel like, you're with me; Everywhere I go; I see things, so clearly; You always let me know you're there, and I swear; You're real, you have to be; I still can, hear your voice; In every song I wri...

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2. I Am The Unicorn

Never thought that I'd have to hide underground; I cant show my face or I could be found; No one else like me is ever around; Lately its been all that I'm thinking bout; Getting out; I don't wanna go ...

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3. Not Going Back

I've been waiting so long for this to happen; Think that now is the day; All these people around won't blur my vision; They can't get in my way; Time after time we search just to find a piece of parad...

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4. Princess

When I was young; A little girl; I made a wish; That I'd be rich; I remember when; I used to think; That diamond rings; Were everything; Now I know; It's not true; I've got better things to do; You ca...

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5. Stay Wide Awake

The heat is drowning me, so much that I can't breathe; Tryin' to keep my heart from catching fire; I know you feel it too when the music gets to you; As it grabs my pulse and takes it higher; Let your...

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6. Survive

Nothing is right unless your light; Shines on my darkness through the night; We will survive; Love of my life, right by my side; Until the stars and earth collide; We will survive; Nothing is right un...

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