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1. Anthem Of The Used

Some one with the best intent, Went and killed the president, Because he had the influence, To massacre 10,000 men, Wake me up from this great dream I can't believe my eyes; Some one tried to jail the...

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2. Children Of Our Mistakes

Break Free, From the gaze of her eyes; For she'll use those eyes as tractor beams; To keep you down to earth when your; Trying to take off. ; Break Free; From the world's wicked lies; For they'll pass...

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3. Elysium

I can't exaggerate, How much these entertain, A space inside my mind, That I have tried so very hard to find, It's hard to comprehend, Just where this head has been, A pure form of energy, That I reac...

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4. Fallen

(Chorus); I'm tired of being the man; Who keeps his feelings locked inside; For once I'm giving in; To the voices in my mind; I'm tired of being tamed; I want to start wallin' out; For every move I ma...

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5. Karma Is A Professional Wrestler

Flying off the top is great until you come back down, Landing is not near as nice when nothing is around, Break your neck and break your back and break up all your friends, Pull the band until it snap...

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6. Nothing To Say

A harsh opinion, Forced deep inside a head, Consent was never there, A small incision, Cut quick and left for dead, Oh now your brains impaired, ; (Chorus); I have nothing to say to you, I really coul...

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7. Painted Face

Do I look strange now; Somewhat deranged now; I'm not that same; As I was yesterday now; It's hard to play now; It's hard to say how; I don't want to stay alone anymore; Chorus:; Afraid to take my lif...

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8. Paradise

What is the point we can't turn back? What have we left to lose? You're so quick to tie the traits that I lack; While you're winding up my noose; Forget what you feel, But not what you felt, Wasn't I ...

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9. The One You Left Behind

They run in circles trying to escape, The deadly teachings of our latter days, I've seen this one to many times, A living legends lies, ; (Chorus); Do you recognize my face? I'm the one you left behin...

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10. Uniforms

I see these Uniforms; March up and down my Street; They're holding fire arms; And their dying to let them breathe; There marching back and forth; Stop you can hear their feet; They'll never say out lo...

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11. Welcome

I never thought I'd feel the marks, From choices I have made that stopped a heart beat, I find my solace in the dark, The space between the pain is you forgiving, It kills me everyday I have to say I ...

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12. Zoe's Song

Go to sleep little one don't be scared of the dark, Remember what mommy's taught to you from the very start, And even in the worst of times, I need you to keep this in your mind, ; There's an angel in...

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