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1. History

Da da nda nda da da x3; *Verse 1*; Boy youre wasting my time; but maybe that is my crime; I should of left you; guess then I was the fool; when you stepped outta line; And wed get all inner twined; I ...

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2. Nothing To Lose

I got no money, I don't mind; No fancy plane, to get me high; Got no diamonds, or shiny shoes; But that's okay; Had a bag of wishes; Always stacking dreams on dreams, yeah; That will follow river stre...

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3. Wanna Fly

Bapabara, Bapabara, Bapa! X2; I'd like to see unnaturally, How mentally you played with me; You took from me what's not meant to be; It's destiny that's how it should be; So, Don't have a cry and spar...

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