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1. Archeonaut's Return

born form desolate tombs, o lord of the wastelands; satanstorms ravish antiqued hearts; a Solar Sapien(genus) satanacus galactica; across the 30th parallel the test tube archeonaut sits; locked in orb...

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2. Craft Of Dissolution

When did the first seed come? Unnoticed signs of change; The southern cross bleeds black; 52 years comes one last time; we are but vulture food; Foolish men, our past greets us; but do we have eyes to...

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3. Obsidian Prince

Am his vengeful wrath, the cleansing flame; Purging weakened blood, witchcraft and might; burn...... ; (....thy disciple hears....); ; Destined to fall, emptiness of shadows; You shall taste abject de...

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