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1. Beautiful Delirium

I won't loose this feeling; Though I'm scared that I might; I won't let it leave me; The way that this feels inside; So hand me the lightening; 'Cus this is the day; I can touch the horizon; The one t...

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2. Capsize

Don't know where it is; lets hope we'll find it; Guided by light and ultra-violet; Oceans of good intentions; They put over cracks that don't get mentioned; CHORUS; And the hardest thing is to cut the...

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3. Chemicals

If it's meant to be; The universe is gonna throw it back to me; It's just how I feel; So tonight; We'll spin around the planets; Like a satellite; Mercury; It's rushing through my blood; Just like an ...

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4. Cold As You

I couldn't feel it coming, it's nothing like you said it would be; But now I can see these games, only make a fool of me; I didn't want the lonely nights. I didn't want the shame; But you just left me...

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5. Dry Your Tears

Your guillotine starts to fall, seen it all before; We met 17, and there you said you want me evermore; I made a mistake, I hold my hands up; Send it to the floor, I was never good enough; ooh; ooh; T...

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6. Great Unknown

You know that I've been here before, Packing up my suitcase, One foot out the door, Said it all before, Dancing on the ashes, We don't spark anymore. Cause everything feels too familiar, But some thin...

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7. If It Wasn't For You

All that's lost was not in vain; burning like a memory what's left inside of me; sometimes you want to change; the chapters of our history, but we cant go back; CHORUS; If it wasn't for you, don't kno...

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8. Magnetic Field

Written in the silence; All across the room; You can hear the sirens; Saying tonight is filled with truth; Brake for the horizon; A real hit and run; From a fallen empire; Like Bullets from a gun; Sho...

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9. Neon Truth

Set the night in fire; We're gonna tear it apart; Like a young messiah; I'll fake a brand new start; Rolling out all my mistakes; Burn the headlights out; We started out with nothing; Turned into some...

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10. She Is The One

Got the feeling about five to nine; Thought I'd been waiting for it, all the time; Can't be the place, we'll call it a night; under the violet lights; CHORUS; She's the one, I've got something to show...

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11. Thrill Is Gone

Even if I had your number; And you were the one way out; I'd rather take the fall; And now the clouds I'm under; Makes you feel my doubts; I'll never make the call; You think you keep me guessing; But...

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