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1. Desert Pale

Desert storm; He gazes at the clouds; Sand on black wings of death; He prayed for nightfall not unexpected fury; The sound of tornadoes, a black symphony; To fill his mind with thorns; And sometimes t...

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2. Footprints Of Thunder

I, a transient shadow; A serpent, the least among men; But still my name is Aión; It's graven with an iron pen; Footprints of waves of sand; A proof of your might; Though my longing hibernates; Footpr...

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3. Inferno

Inferno: the evergrinding wheel; Humiliation; The flames to burn my scars; In the temple; Where man will meet his end; Hear the howling; The wolves will have their prey; Rip my chest wide open; Expose...

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4. Silent Witness

Silent Witness / Use your gift of faith; Proudly present your saviour, Lord Jesus; Be not ashamed of the cross you worship; Ask for his help and he sends you his spirit; Be prepared for your Masters b...

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5. Whitefrozen

Upon whitefrozen tundra; The storm blows wild and free; I gaze up to the mountains; Where we will meet our needs; (In) The colours of my fire; The waves turn black and red; The northern light shines d...

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