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1. Don't Wanna Be Your Lover

It was 'sposed to be fun; Less than lovers; Under covers more than friends; Now you say you're in love; But baby we both said; That this was just a fling; Why you wanna mess up a good thing? You say y...

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2. Good Good

Your lips make me wonder what you taste like; Nervous when you're grabbing on my waistline; All the things we could do; If we ain't stopping; What's the use for break lights? Hard to resist, falling i...

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3. Low Key (Feat. Illa J)

Baby the night is young; I'm here but I ain't trying to get drunk; Where do we go when we're on one? And everything's already been done; I wanna try and let go; Without the alcohol; Tell me, where can...

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4. Nostalgia

Don't know why; But I'm having one of those, those nights; Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah; Red wine; And I'm playing all those songs we like; Oh baby; And it isn't any kind of anniversary; No, no, no, no; I'm...

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5. Relationship Goals (Feat. Chloe Martini)

First things first; I'll admit it; It's hard for me to say what I'm feeling; Something about ya; I don't know what it is; But I know that I'm ready for us; You got me so; I can't give you up; I can't ...

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