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1. Cinderella

Uhhuu, yeah yeah yeah, ahhm; Yeah yeah yeah yeah; I can tell you ain't like all 'em other boys that; How they act immature, find them annoying; It's your smile, it's your eyes; I'm in love, can't deny...

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2. Goodbye

Fading Away (4x); Please don?t look at; Me that way with that sad look upon your; Fece; Don?t make me wanna; Change my mind again; Cause we?ve beem; Down this road befor; Up and down and; Back and for...

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3. Latest Buzz Opening

Sitting in the class watching the time pass; Cant wait to get out I’m here now with my friends; Find out whats new whos crushing on who and is that rumor true; Is a whole new scene in the pages of the...

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4. Stand Up

Sometimes you feel like your alone; Wanna call your friends, but nobodys home; Everybody seems to put you drown; Knows theres one way you can turn it around; Stand Up; And you can be, and youll find y...

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