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come little angel and sit by my side
i need someone to talk to 'cause i can't see the light
i look for a guardian take my thousand sins away
are the last lines before he decides to pray again

here is x friday dezember 13 7:25 babylonian time
my brain works faster than the day before
and when i shut one door i hear another open
all his trust, faith and belief has gone
after the minute they've preserved him from the dawn

and i wonder, and i wonder
how a place could leave his mind alone with me

an eerie mural makes me see
his sieve of broken memories
i'm coming near but not enough disclosing your illusion

why is the world so afraid searching for a way to january sun, january sun
and why can the last december days not remember where to go
january sun

his nether world is more dimensional
and now i could inhale his frenzied wintertale
a brand new being rises out of black snow
this ship of dark decades can tell me where i go
to remember and i remember
when i close my eyes the angel says to me

confess your sins and take my hand
i give you back your memory
the time has come to see a land
of reverse allegory tales and the end of a rainbow on your journey
to a place you meet yourself and searching for a pharos glowing
why in the world is it me searching for the way to january sun

x – 7: 35 – now i'm zero
here is something to believe in on our way let us turn into the january sun
hostimentum – dominatio
i am nothing but a sand grain in a gear of the universe – equation of the tide
amnestia – mors christ- 0
why,why is the gift to be free this new identity

come little angel and sit by my side
i need someone to talk to now i can see the light
my life is a station where the darkness meets the day...

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Número de Palavras 312
Número de Letras 1604
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