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1. Bad Day

I can´t stand to see you, you make me cry. I can´t stand to hold you, so goodbye. I can´t stand to call you, too scared you´ll let me down; for another time. ; And the worst thing is you don´t miss me...

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2. Bitter Is The Sweetest Part

I thought we?d never reach this point this far. I thought I´d end up with a lonesome heart. Things have changed. A different game. When was the point that we realized. ; Thank God the teens are over n...

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3. By The Side Of This Road

It's the worst of tries. But a good thing to order. Two boxes found. One curtain wide. So much to hold, and more to bear. It's a lifetime of searching, longing, sorting, kind of working, growing. ; Pa...

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4. Lost Without You

It's been a while since I fell. I thought I had it, all well. I thought you waited ´round the corner baby. I thought I failed for the last time baby. I build and break, then I pray. ; Seven steps and ...

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5. Make Me, Break Me

I´ve had my time. I´ve had my moments to shine. It seems so far away, it feels so down. I fall apart if you don´t hold me tight. This time there´s nothing left to try. ; Yeah, it´s something that will...

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6. Maybe

City´s cold but we make up for the trying. Heart is warm we hold on tight. A lot of time has passed but, we´re not dying yet. ; All to loose , can´t sense the destination. All to leave, can´t sense th...

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7. Numb

I wonder what will come. What happens now. You broke my lungs, my tongue. You broke my arms. I waited ´til the evening, tonight. Something odd. ; Though everything´s known, don´t know where to go. Aft...

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8. Ringing

It is hard to believe what you say. I can´t hear it. It's easier walking away. Turn blind. I'm safe but I cannot feel the flow. It's boring, like sound without a song. I would never judge if you would...

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9. Safe By The Numbers

Now all my resources are clear; And comes together with illusions of how to be. They're standing next to reality, The width, the length, the size are greater. ; Hold me, kiss me, tell me it´s alright....

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10. Tired

Slowly dead. We´re all going there. I´m breaking every bone. I feel it way too strong. We´re all gonna fight for it somehow. We´re all gonna shout for it sometime. ; I´m tired. You get me wrong. I´m t...

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11. Trooper

Those sweet little lies bring hope to your eyes; That is woman in fight; I dropped it one at a time, insignificant crimes; Getting lost in the tide; La la la la la la la laa; There's in no one that wi...

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12. Well Done Girl

I know ways to tell, I´ve been great. I know what to show. I know how to tell and then regret. I know how to owe. ; Well done girl. Now behave and be good. Well done girl. ; I know it´s sad, I know it...

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