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1. Cat & The Eye

Charlie once sat on the sidewalk baby; He asked her about my name; And at that noise you came and met me; You said that I was to blame; Sugarcane eyes with no decision; It's your trial and tribulation...

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2. Changes

No, I can't find your jeans; A prince of memory; I can't show you tears; But I'm already gone; Razors bring you pain; Apple juice won't stain; The olives taste the same; But I don't know you; And it's...

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3. Idea Of Hapinness

Time, just keeps on slipping away; I can feel the hands of the clock; Tick, tick, ticking away; But it's nothing more than my mind; Slowly giving away; We've got so much time, to think about yesterday...

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4. Jamaica

We are just all animals; Eating food, making love to the music of life; Hanging around with your friends at night; Friends you call your friends; And people that you see through the night; Oh oh woah,...

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5. Kelly

Kelly was a young girl, looking in the mirror, doing what young kids do; Watching out the window, thinking of all the things she should do; She’s running all the time, she’s running blind. It’s rainin...

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6. Mission

[Verse]; Say you; Gives you back your ride; When you turn your back on them; Say cos it's me who wants this fight; My baby's strange; Say you keep turning back to the left; Just step back cos you don'...

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7. Sex City

In the dark lights, We come out and play; We are its children, And we're here to stay; Running through the streets, Hungry for strays; No invitation, To take me away; I'm not cruel, But thats still wh...

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8. Strangers

you can blind me with your foxy lips; i'll let you run me down; big shoes won't you come with me in the rain; i want you; big shoes can you formulate; any way is something; i have fun with you; its no...

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9. Virgin Suicide

Said she wanted a change; But she came home dead without noting to say; Notice that her pain won't go away; Just think of your soul and the dances you make; So don't, don't, stop back (you wanted ever...

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