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1. American Scholar

We live our lives one contradiction at a time: "Dying is glorious" or "Slavery is freedom."; Don't stop trying, fight it out, push it out. ; We live our lives one blackout at a time. Inspiration means...

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2. Call Me Jersey

Tell me, tell me why the sun is shining out here in jersey, When you are nowhere near. ; And it's so hard to keep a straight face, When all i really wanna do is scream. You'll let me know by letting m...

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3. Close To Comfort

With just the sunlight in my eyes, it'll take some time to realize. ; When I walk I run. When I fly I fall. Paranoid yet calm and collected, teeming with thought. While I sleep I wait, wait a year for...

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4. Crash Course

I can hear the sirens wail all around me. Do you see the danger here like I see? It's clear to me: This world is falling apart. ; Good things will come from this terrible mess here. Take a grab at the...

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5. Hey Kid

Hey kid, just look at what we've got ourselves into. We're moving slow and we're treading water now. Just open your eyes and try to see the walls I build in front of me. Break me free, break me free. ...

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6. In Purgatory, Playin' Defense

Oh, isn't it hardest to scream when your voice is just static now. It's just static now, but it's gotta be good for something. ; Something more than just a means of communication. I'm lost from my sou...

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7. Just Lie

This is crazy; the stopping and the stalling, Because you can't keep control. I know that you're not afraid to be straightforward, But good girls just lie, that's right. Good girls just lie. ; You wer...

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8. Mainline To Flatline

You wreckless kid, whatever happened to your innocence and your will to be yourself. It's all washed up, and so are you. I wish it weren't true, but just one time and you died. ; I remember one time I...

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9. Throw-away Heart

How could you breathe with all that smoke in you? Looking at you was like seeing red in a sea of blue. I could see right through all your dirty lies. Now it's time to try to find a way back, To undo t...

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