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1. Catacomb

Dreamtime linen; Dragging tremor; Shadows eat all i remember; Silver gazerobotic; Engine pulse narcotic; Saw her from the cockpit; just before the missle hit; Black-winged angels calling down; they ar...

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2. Crib Death

There's a simple u.n. Formula now; Need a quarter million body count before they send the blue boys out; Neutered League of nations; It's cowardice repaid; Brave muslims wake their asses up with a mus...

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3. Dogchild

Sticky leather and wedding bells; relieving happy holly of her lotus cells; Idle daughters; Faceless lovers; I'll find love where vulture hovers; I know that itchy trigger finger's waiting for some vo...

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4. Exuviate

Back again for another treat; ashes grow beneath our feet; War in Zurich- chaos rules; Dada steers the ship of fools; Fire-air; Molten waves beneath the ocean; Sinking vacuum corridor; Damaged relay c...

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5. Gargoyles

Sharpened today your steel finger tips taps my shoulder; You'd better know the smell of his breath; You are the skin beneath his nails; You'd better sleep with your cloths on; they could be here anyti...

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6. Glow Worm

You need a voice of beauty and a place between her thighs; With murder in her heart and laughter in her eyes; Cold throat family; Have a good time; Teacher eats her way through crime; Thrust above my ...

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7. Nosedive

One hundred percent ordinary; I never learned no concern; I never thought twice about anything; Accepting it all with nothing to say; I'm on my way; The system in which we live is designed to protect ...

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8. Toten Faschist

Der einzig guten faschist ist eine toten faschist; Finstre, Schwarze riesenfalter; Auf die menschenherzen nieder; Blindgeschlagen von der geier Flatterndem gespensterschwarme

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9. Trilobite

Come up with something original; Seatl steal; Steal decent shit if you're going to steal; Strip Strip; Strip down to scrap and fuck the rest; Drop Drop; Drop popular and don't resist; Recycle sense bu...

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