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1. Acetone

Sometimes in order to live you have to die, a little bit. And sometimes when you need to get by you sacrifice, a little bit. You need a shot running through your veins, a crystal trip with your feet i...

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2. Angel Lust Extacy

The devils lips pass angels kisses with a barbed tongue; The angel speaks in velvet voices, sings hymns unsung; Stained glass broken on the floor for me to dance upon; But, I'm the one who cast the st...

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3. Cadillac Plastic

We dance in scarlet skies, we walk through moonless nights. She whispers satin secrets, undressed in velvet cries. Lips like the pistol of a flower, the color of dried blood. I want her near me every ...

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4. Poison Ivy Tea

I make my tea from poison ivy leaves. I sleep with fiction dreams. I walk the land a nowhere boy and I concieve invented disease. My television watches me, all I do is breathe and sleep. Ignorance bre...

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5. Shadow Flower

A flower kept in the dark will never grow or bloom. Weeds grow all around my soul, my dignity to prune. Strangle the life out of me, gagged and bound by their vines. Your pseudo sunshine I don't need....

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6. Spinning

The flesh is strong, the mind is weak; The glitter is rusting at my feet; And everything read like a book; Was always there, I only took; But I can't feel what I can't touch; There's so much anger in ...

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