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1. Beatles Com Chocolate

I remember this dream; There was a beatle in my kichen; He swallowed cups of hot chocolate; That's where the finest melodies came from... ; Now i only have to wait; For Harrison went spreading feeling...

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2. Beside

I walk towards gray clouds; You rock me to those great sounds; I gotta feel both sad and happy ashes; You need to feel how your breath is like; ; Each chord made me breath; Each show scribbled on my g...

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3. Lettler

Hey, hey; , sad month of may; It's a pity that you came here to stay; Hey, hey, sad month of may; At least make me feel ok; Cos he got lifted by a breeze; I'd rather be surprised; About unexpected abs...

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4. Rock Me

When you told me it was allright then; In my heart it was clear you weren't; Money makes sounds right inside your head; For my mind, those sounds are deaf; Your fellings about my worried heart; I can'...

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5. Sweet Harmony

This time, i dissolve my love in you; A breeze from sea came to me; In my arms, a place for you; My heart only knows the truth; And i sing alone; I just sing alone; And i wait, for a heart to melt in ...

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6. Target Of Rock

Target of Rock; For some time I was feeling down; Wanted to see you hang around again; I saw my fate through those cold nights; I need the good and old times; And it was you who came around; I was dow...

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7. You Are Right

Hey Mr. Hurricane right; When I don't know what to do; Yeah, you are right all the time; Hey Mr. Hurricane right; I canm show you something else; But how unexpected can it be; Silver for deep inside o...

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