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1. All My Pray For You

The crowd is looking for me; They want hit me down; Same old pictures on the same old shelf; Dirty souls on the ground; The mud is smelling dead roses; This time; Fear; No lies; I broke my fists again...

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2. Beyond The Sun

Senhor, Tu me sustentas e me guardas; Em meio às lutas e tempestades descansarei; Nas provações adorarei, lutarei, pelo meu; Chamado, viverei os teus propósitos, não; Morrerei sem viver tuas promessas...

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3. Dark World

I know that the world; Has become a dark place; But I will tell you darling; Nothing's as scary as my mind; Scary as my mind; I lift up to the limit; The melody of a thunder; Be strong your freedom no...

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4. Memories

Memories; Words are left out; For both of us; Some lies were told; Is it only illusion; Why we both wrong; Breaking down my memory; You don't have any word to satisfy; Deep scars; Are in my soul; Lett...

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5. Not Broken

Got ride of all my ghosts; In so little time; We are the lonely wolves; Breathing the night; Throw our ashes; Into the wind; And make us stronger; While we bleed; Your life is changing; With your eyes...

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6. Raise Your Gun

I'm not the christ; They want to crucify; I'm not the lie; They have inside; I'm strong as a thunder; And dipped in the hate; I'm looking for answers to calm my faith; Find your way; And raise your fu...

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7. Refuse

Fear, pain, hatred, sleeping instincts; Lost in the middle of this false evolution; Do you really believe that you live free? You need to stop being alienated; The system has failed; It's time to chan...

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8. The Final March

The army of reason; Destroying your mind; Spread the seeds of hate; The road becomes my bride; And makes me happy; Give me all I need; The confusion in her eyes; Says at all; All those years you try; ...

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9. Who We Are

We came back from the dead; For a new life; Our mind is free; Finally we can see after all these years; What they want to hide; Our soul is burning after the war; While hearts are freezing; They try t...

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10. Wolf Inside Me

Living in the shadows; I'm the way that you made me; An animal in this concrete jungle; Just waiting for my revenge; And just waiting for my revenge; My eyes can see your fear; And I can smell your gi...

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