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1. Beatrice

I spend the night watching you sleep; I close my eyes and touch your lips; As time goes by as i fell asleep; You are my light you guide my feet; Makes me wiser awakes the better part of me; You are so...

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2. Centred

Centred; I was walking on alleys gathering the hours for you; Try to understand before you call my name it's useless now but; You know the song it is almost just a whisper; And we carried along...(2x)...

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3. Debtor's Jail

Debtor's Jail; Don't go teeling i'm better; Cause my arms they still regret; Not on the phone or letter; Cause we stand in our own ash; Sleep now; Those tears cannot be swallowed; And i never said eno...

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4. Frequency

Valv; ; Frequeny-Valv; I list all the silences that you; Brought when you left us in restlessness; Still a novel I know the end; You´ve been there before; You stare at the girl in the candy store; Sti...

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5. God

When the moisture comes; I'll be sited here waiting you; Bring a cigarette; that could smoke myself away; It will happens fast; Faster then a glimpse of my hands; Then you'll see a smile; In my white ...

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6. Heathen Vows

I’m so closer to madness; I’m so closer to you; I won’t be able to walk it; I’ve got no other to choose; I’ll be happy when you’re done; Sorry is the hardest word; Will I find it blossoming? Will I di...

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7. Middle English

I thought I’ve heard your voice; Calling from the inside; while I’m on the outside; Apart from where you are; Still I hear you call; we are out of bounds; I’m done with is now; circling round of round...

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8. One Eyed King

I'll leave to God; If anything goes wrong; It'll burn my chest out; It's beautiful; When conversations fall; And relies me of you; I feel my home; The softness of my couch; The eyes that did us part; ...

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9. Over It

Over it understand; It's not the things I've said before; Over it understand; As I walked out off your door; Well i feel lost; I feel lost; Theres no sense in carryng on; Over it understand; What we s...

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10. The Sense Of Movement

I'll throw it away; no matter what the reasons are; I'm picking up the shades here; The stones " threw away; Are now back into my vault; Try to keep up the way; daring I'll seize it up; having to forg...

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