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1. Brutal Attack

I hope my god; forgives me; for what i feel; this hate inside; makes me want to kill; can't you see; how you've driven me; there's total hate; and i can't wait; until you feel; our brutal attack; now ...

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2. Human Habit

Why do we have to kill; Why do we; Nothing's inside; Can you live with nothing? This is how i survive; I don't feel a thing; Nothing; Nothing is real; That's how i must feel; Nothing is real; That's h...

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3. One Day Older Than God

Who was maker of self doer of what wasn't done; behold alive against among: before the beginning; ending ahead of all days; with nobody else's ways; forever most high unable to die the uneven odd; a d...

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4. War Of Faith

i don't know; how you should live; and i don't know; what you should give; so why do you keep judging me; when i don't have the answers; that we need to live; don't ask me; cause i don't know; rebuild...

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5. You Instead Of Me

you can't live with me; and i can't live with you; i can't believe the shit you put me through; everything you do; is wrong day by day; one minute you love; the next you fucking hate; contemplate your...

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