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1. Big Dreams

Thinking about when we began; I don't know if i can; Have i become a man; Times have never been so hard; All i wanted was a dream to call my own; Well live and let die; Grin and get by; Words of wisdo...

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2. Blank

I see the people I pass by in the streets; well nothing but empty looks; I see the people who put trust in who they meet; well nothing but empty lives; I don't want to see that; I see the faces whose ...

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3. Brethren

We are the ones. Chosen generation, royal priesthood, persecuted holy nation. Yeah, we're the ones; who all stand together. Can't come undone; we're united by the Son. Our comradery; has no end. We're...

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4. Come Back

Wer'e back! I ask myself the question 'why?'; before I break down and cry. My friends are falling left and right. Was it faith or just an act; that got you to the point you're at? I don't know but I w...

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5. Don't Look Back

There was such a time when regrets defind my life; I could not forget about the past; Strung out on a limb i got me in the mess; I'm in reprecautions had let me outta gas; That was the game i played n...

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6. Final Request

Something's wrong inside; her problems she can't hide; I'm a victim of a good time; my life is over now and it hasn't yet begun; she left me here to die; mommy don't go; another casualty of irresponsi...

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7. Frat

this one goes out to the kids; back at home in the projects where; tomorrow night will be a brawl; its gonna be injustice for all; its way too early for the police to send us home; the fun has just be...

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8. Friend Of Mine

the boys are growing up too fast to realize; times are changing and some have thrown away their lives; little alex packed his hopes and dreams today; did he care at all no he threw it all away; we use...

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9. Graduation Day

Today is the greatest day of our young lives; I look back at what I've known for so long; today is the day we leave our past behind; today we say our last goodbyes; memories in the back of my mind; he...

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10. Happy Star

My heart is telling me; You're more than praiseworthy; I bow before your name everyday; because You're the only one for me yeah! No more living in fantasy; You took away my hypocrisy; I thank You for ...

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11. Homesick

stuck inside all this time you know; we're going down without a fight; it's 2 am and i'm all washed up; and i told the boys i had enough; ain't no use in talking sense into me; i'm giving up i think y...

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12. Mind Games

girl, why you gotta talk to me that way; for goodness sake. your drivin me insane. You would do anything for me so you said and now you want me dead; why you gotta go play with my head. ; why is it al...

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13. One Way Out

All alone in this world you don't want it; not anymore oh no; the cares of this world con choke you out; you got no direction you can't find your way out; trapped in the maze that you call life; you'r...

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14. The Ballad

Betrayed by a man; who was with Me every step along the way. Today you do the same unto Me. You do the least unto them. Walking around with your head up in the clouds. Everyone's too good for everyone...

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15. This Boy

That boy took my love away. Though he'll regret it someday, This boy wants you back again. ; Oh, and this boy would be happy; Just to love you, but oh my-y-y-y; That boy won't be happy; 'Til he's seen...

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16. Yesterdays

yesterday another way things would work out they'd be ok; another time doing fine i always said it'd be all right; well i used to be ok; in the hands of yesterday; the darkness came in fast; the feeli...

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