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1. Blow Me Away

They form a line, One at a time, Ready to play, (I can't see them anyway); No time to lose, We've got to move, Steady the helm. (I am losing sight again); Fire your guns, It's time to roll, Blow me aw...

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2. Extreme

Slice like a knife, your middle names Danger; ...(not sure about this line)... Saving the life of any old stranger; Your are large as a planet, but; Locked to ground with attitude for days; Rock to th...

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3. Forgotten

Don't remember the night, The burn of your eyes, The moment I first knew you were mine. ; You made me fall, I just can't recall, The beginning and how you stole it all. ; Oh I never thought someone co...

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4. I Waited For You

Hold the line; Never retreat and never break; I've tried; But I'm addicted; I can't lie; Another step is in my sight; Another step I'll see the light; I waited for you; I waited so long; Thought you'd...

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5. Irreversible

I heard on Monday; I didn't shed a single tear; Was it anger or just fear; I wish I could have told you; How much I cared and I'd be there; But, tears can't ever bring you back; They only stain; I los...

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6. Live

Your father doesn't like me; Not one little bit; Your sister hates me too (yeah); And if they could erase me; They'd get rid of it; That's exactly what they would actually do; Chorus:; What a disrgace...

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7. No Matter What

If I tell you I am still so high to; Try your hand, I will find you; Have not letton go of mine; Spinning over me, your affection; You'rein for the lesson; You have failed to recieve; God knows you do...

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