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1. Buried Beneath

Keep your eyes on the jet black horizon; don't look away until the moon disappears; there's no time for silence, throw caution to the wind; we were born for this; the questions that plague us as we sl...

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2. Foundation

We built our city on a sinking foundation; hoping it would stand the test of time; we are the victims of a flawed operation; but we are pulling through; we are destined to leave this place; and never ...

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3. Ghost Choir

Years have past since we looked into the sky; and the stars resembled our waking eyes; miles from the shore, we will carry the waves; we'll breathe beneath the surface until we find our way; all we kn...

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4. Guardians

Don't be so scared of the face staring back at you; as your lungs begin to race, i'll be the blood in your veins; Don't hold yourself responsible for their disregards; won't you look better when you'r...

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5. Vices

I'll bind the hands of time, i'll shed this polluted skin; like a snake with a second chance i'll strike without remorse; look into these eyes of mine, they rarely see a win; the venom running through...

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6. Your Calling

This is your calling, don't give up hope; you're so close to the pinnacle; slipping and falling is for the ghosts; the non-believers and the cynical; Lift up your head, and catch your breath; keep you...

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