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I count the years of lonelyness
But my soul feels no pain, no wish to return
That want you really want you can not find on earth
Is the chosen way correct?
All of you life you will regret the day
You've made up your mind to leave the place
Which gave you all Come back, don't think about tomorrow
Come back there where the hearts are full of life
Where you'll find your inner balance
Come back only one more time Come back and feel the difference in yourself
Up to the sky and look to the clouds
Down to the earth and tell me your feelings
I know my friend the view is the same
In different places
But what your soul is longing for will never happen
When you do not change your view of life
Follow your heart, try to live your own life
But never forget the place which gave you all
Before the long way abroad
To leave all behind

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Número de Letras 754
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