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1. Chosen One

Now I've never been the one to play it safe; I might play a little dirty some day; I'm following fate they say I'm the chosen one; I know what it takes to be the king; Be the song everybody wanna sing...

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2. Heroes

What say the rebels; In this great war of souls; The time has coming who will; Take back control; Heaven is knocking but we're; Holding that line; We keep on fighting till the day we die; Some will sa...

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3. Justin Begun

I got 24 hours but I'm; Fighting the power so I; Pushing my luck; Pushing my luck; To the limit; Storm is rolling and the; Engine tolling; And every hour every day feels like minutes; The feeling is w...

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4. Lions Inside

If you leave me to my own device; I never had to compromise; This city's like a jungle; Gotta make it mine; Put my fear right out of sight; Beat the hustle better get it right; In a game where the str...

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5. Now's My Time

I'm chasing my fate all myself; I find no luck in a wishing well; This road I'm on ain't no short way; To beat to struggle there's a price to pay; Ain't no brick walls surrounding me; I'm breaking the...

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6. Out For Blood

I feel the creatures creeping inside; Like leaches leaving me dry; Hope they gonna feel my pain; And fall to dust when they feel my flame; I see no warning signs; Gotta fight that beast inside; Oh gon...

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7. Ready For The Fire

You're so quick to shoot my game; Your burden's heavy but I carry every ball and chain; Gonna feel the earth under your feet; I'll be the pulse and rhythm when; You feel you're drifting off the beat; ...

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