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1. Abraham and Isaac

Oh great teacher; Are you a promise keeper? It's time to go son; The work must be done; Oh great father; Would you call for slaughter? We waited so long; I waited so long; Oh great provider; Have we m...

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2. Babel

Pulled you out of the ocean; The new world is in motion; Noah, look at your sons now; Look, what did they find out? Take two bricks and some mortar; Chaos into order; Oh, making their name now; With o...

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3. Jacob

You were an off-white; Heading east and on the loose; What of your old life? Does it bear consequence to you? You met a good wife; In seven years she would come true; Flesh of my own flesh; Blood of m...

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4. Names

You; Go out from your parents; I give you a nation; If you could only see it; I don't wanna, I don't wanna call you; What I used to call you; Everybody, everybody's changing; So just let me change you...

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5. Sodom

Oh, the land was it hard on you? Was it only right to let you choose? Sodom was an evil root; Now your family tree is proof; For what they did, what they've done; What they'll do; Oh, city there's a p...

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