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1. A Thousand Martyrs

This rife; And decadent decay; Despise the fools; That triumph from our pain; A thousand martyrs; Will never know the grief that I feel; Amidst the crowd; Baying for my blood; One day the tide will tu...

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2. All Will Suffer

The river dies; Into rapture; All will suffer this foul shame; This ultimate infection; A carrion snuffs the inner flame; Ravages with passion; Oh the hellish procession of pain; Hearts filled with gl...

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3. As The World Collapses

As the world collapses; Flames rage in desolate eyes; Go join the masses; The broken bones; From a past disease can't lie; Kill the innocents; The whispers of immolation; Burn the witches; Hear my ple...

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4. Cathedrals Of Dread

I see endless destruction; It's killed more than any world war; And I don't think I can take this any more; I spit on your doctrine; The tyranny on which you depend; What will you do when it all comes...

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5. Desecration

Tormented cries; Like nails; Driven into flesh; Cast out the beast; Quench the fire; Within his breast; A fragile king; Pouring bliss into my pain; The mighty leave us; In an ocean of despair; The voi...

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6. Humanity Wept

Ignorance breeds; Prey on the week; Crushes the will; Tortured beneath; Sacrificed to a world too blind to care; Born to decay; Devoid of grace; Blind to the truth; Total disdain; Sacrificed to a worl...

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7. My Black Siberia

Annihilation of wretched lives; Avarice grips a world too weak to care; The culmination of mankind's vice; A holocaust while people stand and stare; My black Siberia; The spawn of a ravaged domain; Th...

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8. Ravenous Whore

Thorn in my side; Bane of my life; Constant descent into misery; Taken my pride; Tortured my mind; Take what's left of my dignity; I'd rather suffer; The leaping flames of hell; Imprisoned for all tim...

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9. Seeds

Dreams of a former lifetime; Scattered by the flame; No eye from heaven; And nothing but a name; Resign my heart; Poor beast sleep sound; For the seeds have spread; The blackest of days; Farewell my k...

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10. The Divine Have Fled

Abominations lure us to their side; Infuse the venom of my spite; Flogging the brute sun; Drown in a mirage of agony; Gorge the tyrant; Accept defeat; The divine have fled; Oh foul magnificence; Subli...

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11. The Grim Irony

Cast out by the vile horde; Raped and brutalised; A stain on humanity; Stripped of all my pride; For all those who died; From this grim irony; A chorus of discordant cries; Degraded by the misery; The...

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