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1. Arcavias (star-log)

Arcavias Star-Log 203; Arcavias location is unknown... Unknown

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2. Betray

Evil minds; full with ambitions; Use all their friends; for their own victory; Pure demonic; you're full with dreams; And then their gone; with everything you know; That is called Betray; And I'm not ...

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3. Dreaming Another Reality

Dreaming another life; Dream... another lie; Surrounded by the evil; I'm living in a room without any view; Another unanimated world; Just me and myself; (years days) it's so long my waitin'; Life it'...

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4. Dreamplace

It was a hidden place; Nobody knew where we were; We thought to live there into the eternal earth; After the arrival of the iron soldiers; we were afraid of them; They were too many and wanted to dest...

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5. El ángel de La Espada de Fuego

Con mi armadura y la espada sagrada; lucho contra oscuros demonios; Sangre brota de mi cuerpo herido; Caigo en los brazos de la muerte; Yo morí por mi amada; Pero volveré a salvarla Reviviré porque a ...

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6. En Busca Del Talismán

En busca del talismán yo estoy; Y así poder descansar; Yo cumpliré esta penalidad; Y así al lado de ella me encontraré; Robaré esta piedra al mago Julius; El cual gran poder tiene; Yo cumpliré esta pe...

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7. Funeral Wedding

Open life beneath; Her glory stains the hearse; Procession watch the rain; Mourns the opposite birth; For the wind hopes to die; Far away from home; Same death serves all/Spirits of what will be; Danc...

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8. I Feel

Feel the pain and the anguish of loneliness; Feel how you bleed with desperation; Feel how your breath disappears and how your body gets cold; Feel how the world is a blur. That's how you start to fal...

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9. La Tierra Está Ardiendo

Quién te dirá como salir; No esperarás mi falsa respuesta; No queda más que esperar; Espiante de un quorum forjada en sus manos; No es la quimera del hombre; lo que te enseña la fuerza; No comprender ...

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10. Last Chance

I will destroy our prized gift; where we roll and where we live our lives; The thought of more reward exhales; sour poisons. Fill your bodies; More puss you can ever accept; Keep pushing it and we wil...

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11. My Return

Another time has come and I feel this cage seems to burn; A deep premonition, it's taking my soul; The pain is turning back and I hear a rain of dreams in this land; A horizon it's calling me. Is this...

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12. Only A Dream

Of so many wars your tired kingdom fell; You feel the eternal sadness; Where do you go? And why will you fight? Now only you want to die; I can't live more; Oh brave warrior, cannot here die; Your dut...

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13. Scepter Of Power

The king has died in a bloody battle; And now the scepter of eternal power is lost; The kingdom has fallen down in darkness; And those who find the scepter will rule; And if the scepter falls in the e...

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14. Someday

And now this light begins to decay; I'm just one more in the lines of pain; Knowing that to my land I'll never come back; She looks to the sea asking maybe where I am; The waves answer, predict that I...

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15. The Portal

In a far away land, that full of magic it was; There was a deep and mystery cave; Into its darkness contains enormous treasures and objects of magic; But they were protected by a big dragon; Fearless,...

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