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1. Come to Me

Deep in your green but blue eyes; I can decipher what you hide; Behind your iron mask; Built with fear and distant sights; Please don't be afraid, I'm just like you; Hear my voice and feel my bleeding...

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2. Lies

Pretty faces everywhere; Perfect bodies just for sale; I don't longer wanna know; what the mirror has to tell; And it's so hard to fight; all the images all the time; Soon you'll realise; You want it ...

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3. Lullaby For Madness

When will I really heal? I'm sick of these memories rotting in me; They keep coming and going like ghosts of a dead past; Fighting to relive; She told me this turn it was my own choice to make; What w...

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4. One Day

No, we'll never bow down; To your twisted standards; Don't even think that we will; Let the world forget all your sins; We can still hear them screaming; Crying out for help; Why, why am I burning; wh...

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5. Shot Me Down

So naive; I could never know your thoughts behind your mask of love; How could I know what love was when you weren't ever real? [Chorus]; You shot me down; Cut my wings like you did to; my dreams and ...

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6. Uneven Hero

All I wanted was; To be your hero; Built my web of lies; And our castle made of cards; How you dare deny; Me inside your mind? I gave you my life, you little [bitch]; You have nothing to be proud; Say...

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