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1. And Farce Goes On

And the curtain rises; I smell the audience warm; While I spread my arms; Enslaved in this shadow; All you can see is my mask; Prison of my life; Hear this rumbling sound; Getting lost through the sta...

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2. Feed My Rage

Wearing sneaky words to deceive; Hangman dressed up as saint; Lies, cold sons of hypocrisy; Sink your blade through my veins; I've been tasting scorn an' shame; A black bite from within; Now I'm wishi...

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3. Free Men's Cage

Claustrophobic walking; search for my own treasure land; Mystifying visions; I try to break this gloomy spell; Feel like suffocating; Caught by all these airy bars; Grab my last emotions; Inner whispe...

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4. Gates Of Winter

Rain has just stopped, Biting wind come; Mark of a changing season. Sun to its den gets; With no prey caught; And a tear runs over its mouth; My skin is naked; Ice stings my body; And night is ready t...

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5. Immaterial

A life still living, it's energy coursin' within; But in a single day destiny turns the page; And I become just a leaf in the wind; That day my cage door closed. I felt so alone; That day when I began...

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6. Neverending Flame

I believed in afterlife, it was an undisputed law; I believed in a destination, for all souls' journey; An eternal wind starts to sweep all away; I feel like walkin' the middle of an infinite breath; ...

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7. No More

No more! It can't be done, it can't be done again; Once... I went fallin' crashed & burned; Twice... it can't be real; Pulling illusion away from me; No way to lick my wounds; Who let this brutal drea...

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8. One And Thousand

Thousand doors stand close around you; They keep locked away your aims; Everyone turns into anyone; One and thousand rise from within; Let your days slide like winter rain; Losing yourself and miss to...

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9. Recall

Recall; I'm walking alone, crossing the wood of my mind; My bearings I've lost, my memory is naked and blind; Dark trees stand in front of my eyes; now are getting taller and taller; I feel so cold......

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10. The Less Beaten Path

Burnin' card, is hard to play; What happens after upset, and make everything bitter; Reason seems so far, barred is the door; Clench your fist, in a thick darkness; While feelin' that your soul doesn'...

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11. The Secret (melting Snow)

Dolly's searching for its father or its maker; who built a life without life; Who can't stop who tries to open us the door; but they should wonder: "why?"; Every time we are close; to an answer; the s...

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12. Valiant Day

I can't watch this sky; It screams a silent word, without face, cold and bright; I can't watch this sky; Stone up on my soul, waitin' nevermore; So come mighty storm, blow me away; Never watch this sk...

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13. Vicitim Of My Pride

That's the way I'll follow; After losing future, I've got to walk through darkness; Embers of dying passion in my hands; Phoenix rising out of ashes, I'll rejoin the flames; Fearless to burn my wings ...

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