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1. Dreams Of Apocalypse

Dances Of Sanguinous Moons; The Songs Of Soundless Mouths; The Mystery Of Ancient Runes; From The Ancient Times; The Night Consumes A Day; With A Light Of A Nocturnal Star; The Black Shadow Of Hatred;...

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2. fireshine Of Lightnings

Darkness Fulfilled With Demise; Hearts Are Mortified By The Gloom; Cold That Burns The Life; Turns Eyes Into Ice; Night Is Pierced With Flame -; -With The Crimson Shining Of Lightnings; Death Sows Fri...

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3. Flowers Of The Evil

Through The Steadfastness Of Centuries Growing Up; Are The Dead Stalks; Dimly Glaring In The Moonshine; Are Cold Roses; Putrid Stench Of Flowers Of Evil; Is The Fragrance Of Death; In The Silvery Shin...

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4. Hymn Of Victory

HYMN OF VICTORY; From the guts of Metal we were born; Steel and Fire in our hearts; Proud we stand against the wind and storm; No one can stop our rage. ; I see the armies of Metalians; Wielding their...

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5. Ins Nama'v Great Fyr

Great Fyr; Consumes The Eternity; With The Windy Lights; With The Raging Glares; With The Ardent Dances; With The Chants Of The Coals; Ruining With The Flames; Crushing With Madness; The Tongues Of Fi...

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6. Medieval Feast

MEDIEVAL FEAST; Now winter is gone; and a new day is born; The season of Spring; when life is reborn. ; Time to harvest time of crops; Farewell to darkness and cold; and welcome to sunlight, fertility...

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7. Postludium (the Wolf And The Night)

A Fang Tearing The Tough Flesh; A Claw Eclipsed With Its Shine The Moon; It Is Wolf Bleeding The Dawn; It Is Howl Ruining The Silence Of Night; The Silvershine Of Fullmoon; The Cold Eyes Are Like Glit...

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8. Raven


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9. Requiem To The Welkin

The Sky Is Torn By The Winds; Their Blowings Sow The Death; The Reason Is Severed With; The Steel Whip Of Infernal Cold; Summoning To The Demon Of Blood; The Blackness Turns To Evilness; Growing Throu...

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10. Song Of Death

Cold... Cold... Beastial Frost... Hunger... Death... Everyone Is Dead Of A Plague... Night... Gloom... The Moon High Above... In Darkness There're Heard The Moaning Of The Wind; Rocks And Woods Are Fr...

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11. The Wolfish Nocturne

...And Again - Into Cold Twilight; Of Dense Ural Woods; Under Marbled Cloudy Sky; I Go Away... Away... Lost In The Forest Marshes; I See No Sunlight; I Roam Solely Being Worn With Grey Fur; Burdened W...

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12. Towards The Unlight... On Black Wings Of Death

With A Distant Sparks Fulfilled The Dome Of Nightsky... The Nocturnal Haze Enlightened By Moonlightwaves... ; Into The Chasm Of Darkness; Belost In The Stream Of Shadows; Towards The Eternal Unlight; ...

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13. Unleash The Power

Unleash the power; I wal in the edge of your perception; Where the reality cannot understand; What you seek i control without help; Beacuase my faith I do my self; Useless thoughts maintain the fool; ...

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14. Ural Darkness

The Reason Is Toughly Enshrouded; The Bloody Haze Hides My Sight; A Gasping Wheezing Breathe... I Walk Away Into The Ural Woods; I Am Entailed With The Wolf's Howl; Towards The Dark Of Forest Thicket;...

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15. Winterbastard

Nourished With Flesh Of Cold Snowstorm; Black Bestia Being Born By Blizzard; Is Twining A Black Tracery Wreath; With A Freezing Web Of Snowy Troops; Snow-Drifts - Dwellers Of Ancient Wood-Thicket; The...

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16. Wintry Dreams

Cold - Wintry Ether; Cold Embraces The Dead World; Cold - Wintry Dreams; Of Ice And Sparkling Snow; Wind - The Rider Of Blizzard; Wind - The Singer Of Frost; Raising His Snowy Wings; Into Starion Nigh...

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