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1. Arctic

Journey to a moony northern land; Worlds limb where the sea of mead begins; Sun hides in an everlasting gloom. Seat of holy terror and beliefs; Here the dream is my reality; Shadowland with no hiding ...

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2. Childhood Memories

When you are kingly dressed; In a cloud of childhood memories; Crawling down in; That warm safe box; Your thoughts carry; Golden linings; Floating back to that wooden shack; Drifting into your childho...

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3. Livets Søyle

Stor men likevel ikke; Trosfast men samtidig ei; Fanget i sin egen rot; Fri av vinden som suser gjennom kronen; Livets søyle; Livets søyle; Noen kroket av livets tann; Andre staselig ranke i sin unge ...

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4. Sleeper

When you fall to sleep; The you gonna reach Mars; And in my endless dreams; Luna scream with no gain; When I gonna die; I think I will fly; The spectres from the light; Are making death to an art; Sle...

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5. The Dream Of A Jester

Who will fly away with me; Who will help me out of the dark; Who can reach out a hand to me; Who can show me tomorrow; Getting taller still I'm growing; On the 20th floor of a five store building; Now...

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