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1. A Leaving Car

Always a fine one grabbing; The hand gun; I have fifteen channels on the AM dial; Back seat’s full of flyer mail; There is no room; No room for anyone; Break of dawn and i’m driving; Driving solemn on...

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2. Augustine

What a formidable time warp; I am 1926 all over again; Sprawled out along the dandelion fields; And red coppery tracks to the wrecking yard; You say these knees grow weak; I am a harbour begging boats...

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3. Cbc

We bring you the latest news; From coast to coast; Some times when you drop; off this earth; I don't know quite where to; Tune my aerial; Transmission capsized; Your eyes, not the light in the; lighth...

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4. Delorla

I feel so bombarded by this twisted rage; No one's to say what I'll do, but; I will lead you around the kitchen floor behind; Our home's closed doors; Toes are fragile and we; Try to step around the c...

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5. Diane

It's been a while since I've see you; Look a lot lighter on your feet; The cat gone and stole your last life; (Minus ten million odds from your gamble); Your simple every days wound about; clockwise t...

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6. Elliott Goes

So, we'll play it out like; Young children in beat up; Wranglers jeans; Taping mohawks to the heads of; G.I. Joes and; Screaming out for our; All American Hero; What you can't hear, nobody knows; So E...

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7. Farewell

I saw you in the morning; Steal away the rain; Leave the hour standing like the palm of my hand; Facing outward in a sign of farewell; This is the finale to all my years of wobliness; Sinking into all...

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8. Like A Radio

You’ll be like a radio; Tune in tune out; Song too quiet; Static slow; A vibrant matter; A ringing ear; My head a jam space for you to clearly hear; But you’ll never see; No you’ll never see; Your wor...

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9. Old Winter Town

Falling peace on the brow of a; Young man now; The lake froze over the; Ice went cracking and; Covered this purple lip frown; A fish net, holy; A stocking blood red and it; Peeks at the elders when th...

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10. Point Albino Road

Today I’ll be your girl; Tomorrow I’ll step off this yard; Time is not on our side; If I didn’t say the bandit was coming; I’d be lying; Ride my bike to Corri’s; Try to put the house back together; We...

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11. Pouring Again

It’s pouring again; Like the day I came here; Pouring like your smile down onto acres; Of my mind; It’s pouring, sore sam smelling like the; Bottom of a rain barrel; Sewer smelling like the gray of hi...

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12. Song For Six

So rosy, all my cheeks so rosy; I feel like the spoiled girl who ruins all; Your birthday parties; The winner of musical chairs; You take and take and take and I notice; Every time the music stops we;...

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13. Straight Into Your Pocket

Fell in love with a war man; Taught me what the poets said; One day I wake to a screaming eye; Years later the waking tricks my lonesome cry; I straighten your pin; I straighten my hair; God doesn’t l...

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14. To Feel How This Feels

How finer the days go; How purple the numbness of these things get; I’m running up on fire; I’m water to all things that used to burn; Old body goes back, lips turn to blue; Spitting out secrets in th...

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15. Untitled

These days I go insane; Down on my knees; Don’t you know you’re the one to blame; When all my intentions begin to frame an; Everlasting pause on the soul of my gain; Whether or not this fall breeze be...

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16. Waded Down By The Water

Waded down by the water underneath the sound; Waited for the night to steal away the waves; Waited for the darkness; You were never one to beg; Your shoes are so soaked; I don’t care anymore; Tired ey...

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17. White Pills

He takes pills, five of them a day; Goes to work with a happy face; See Joan, dancing in the aisles all green; Oh that girl, so obscene and; Tick-tock, in his mind just never stops; “What do you want ...

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