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1. All Or Nothing

Let them say what they will about us now; Cause nothings gonna stop us from giving our all; Who are they to judge us anyway; We’re never gonna loose this fight; This pulse grows stronger everyday; I j...

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2. Hotel Room Heart

You’ve walked around your entire life with the upper hand; Manipulating their thoughts to meet your master plan; Getting in to their heads; Your second step in their bed; Well it comes back around; An...

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3. In Vein

His hands don’t shake; As he’s reaching for what keeps him still alive; The saddest part; It’s the very thing that makes this all a lie; This was all a lie; Theres something in the water here; Somethi...

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4. Too Far Gone

The arguing is growing old and I don’t think I can take it; I guess that I’m the one to blame for dealing with you this long; So stay strong and move really doesn’t have to be like this; Trust...

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