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1. (Meet me) Halfway

You always come and go; But you never are where I expect you to be; Sometimes I think this trough; Wonder if I'm the one who's lost in all this; But then I walk away; As hard as I can; Going straight ...

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2. Escape Route

Have you ever felt like there's no place; Where you can freely laugh and create; No worries, no lies, no disgrace; Keep searching! You can find it, if you really want it; Just don't make shit moves ab...

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3. Nightshift

Another nightshift; But can I make it? At least they are all here; The same work; The same clothes; The same movements; Hold on! And we pray for a little something; To enjoy when the place is closing;...

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4. Report of a New Life

I've watched you go; Disappearing trough stone; And as the moment passed I see; That it was all for the best; I try to never regret what stayed in the past; And as this tears become laughs you'll see;...

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5. Waterfall

Like a cascade flashing in my eyes; Flowing bullshit, clichés and lies; Mixed people in a masquerade ball; Dancing the same steps as a crowd; They crave for empathy, pity or love; Who's gonna get the ...

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