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1. Deep Hate

My eyes have seen; Your black heart; Your merciful church; You fling through your curse; I bring the cross upon my shoulders; My crown of thorns gives off blood; I've sworn at the sun; Vengeance; Hate...

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2. Eternal Dark Flame

Black flower of hate; gripped through my hands; prays malevolence and vengeance; black flower which doesn't give any hope; Passes through my eyes; it brings hate; and destruction's desires (destructio...

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3. Pain And Fear

The overwhelmed sea watches astounded; the senses' warmth; the sky's glaze; Quickly lies onto my eyes; Green hope fades to purple hate; the waves' hollow sound; stunts the smell of revenge; breeze soo...

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4. Revenging Is Divine

The soul delights satisfied; by virtual peace candour; between two worlds; victim or butcher? The winner shivers; with the prize in his hand; hoping in the neighbour; that won't be; in revenge expecta...

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