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1. All Over The World

Standing at ground zero the weight's too much to bear; You can feel it in your body, you can taste it in the air; But this our greatest loss can't even be compared; To the lives lost each and everyday...

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2. Blacksmith's Fire

There is no luck; It's push and shove; You make your breaks; With sweat and blood; And some may bleed; Till banks run dry; To live again; Another Try; And through the fire; And thunderous blows; We co...

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3. Court Of Greedy Kings

When the Sheriff found the plants they were 8 feet tall at least. Growing in a grassy little verge off the highway to the east; "Who owns this land?" the Sheriff had to know. He said "Someones got to ...

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4. Curse Of The Fool

Well I've heard it said before by those much kinder than I; That what separates a wiseman from a fool; Is what he sees when he looks into the sky; What he sees when he looks into the sky; One might se...

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5. Fade Your Heat

As I look deep into your eyes; I see your fear, I hear your crys; With arms held out I pull you in; I hold you close, my dearest friend; And being all that a man can be; I take your hand your safe wit...

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6. Halfway Round The World

What am I to believe; Of what I've seen on my T.V. Of all the killing going on; Somewhere halfway round the world; They speak of cold deciet; And of the death put on the breeze; By the man we sold the...

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7. Immortal

Lately I've been thinking about the way my life is going and all the things I used to know, I don't seem to be a knowin'; All the knowledge in the world has now been handed down and is firmly in the g...

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8. The Call

Hey girl, whats going on? I hope that you don't mind me calling on the phone. It's been awhile now, I'm doing fine. But sometimes it's hard to get you off my mind; And through all the days and miles w...

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9. The Point

Everybody's looking for a way to fill the hole; Between the things they think they have to have; And the longing of their soul; The more we lose direction the harder to define; What comes from the hea...

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10. The Texas Sky

I've been sitting like an Island; Comfortably curled up inside; I've been looking but not finding things; That will make me satisfied; I'm a master of my own mind games; What I don't ike I push aside;...

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