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1. Acts Of Vengeance

A pastor for 16 years in the hood; Known for steering all my troubled peers to the good; Made sure God's word appeared understood; So those that didn't believe that he worked wonders – could; Family o...

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2. Can You Relate

Uh, there go another one y'all; elcome to the new Mole-linneum; Chicago's sickest; [Verse 1]; Chicago, flow and maneuver, shittin this mundges; Splittin the blungeon, while y'all gettin fucked out of ...

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3. Cry You A River

[Verse 1]; The moment you squeezed the trigger, I felt dissed; How the hell could you be so selfish, the current events that led up to this moment; You masqueraded your death wish, you ain't think I h...

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4. Fallen

I was the nicest for at least the last six months; Single went dope, got heavy rotation from Funk Flex; and didnt have to ask Stick once; Penned flows that was most quoted; Kept the toast loaded for m...

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5. The Flyer

[Verse 1]; Staring at this old show flyer; Seems our reputations couldn't get no higher; The first time we marquee as headlining acts rewinding back; To the final defining crack that would paralyze ou...

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6. Til The World Blows Up

If scars was tattoos with better stories; So much trauma scribed on my melon mob you liable to find tribal design tumors; That contain best selling novels, so much pain cursed my adolescence; That I c...

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7. Worst Fears Confirmed

I'm the eye of a violent storm, darkest cloud on a funnel mission; With slugs that travel through barrels with tunnel vision (WHOA!); Clips to extensive spit to offensive; From the chi love don't live...

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