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1. Ccf

They march ever night and day; And they feel, so very proud; They do their job with no remorse; As their fathers once did as well; The Citizen Containment Force; They know not what they do; They are t...

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2. Directive 65

All through life, we’re taught it’s the law; All through life, we’re told it’s because; To another land, we all must pass; We’re taught it’s heaven, a reward for our tasks; All the day, the honor will...

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3. Fight Till The Death We Must

The CCF is knocking at my door as we speak; They are looking for me as I take sleep; But I’m no fool as I move from place to place; They will not ever fine me, I left not a trace; Will they give me my...

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4. Free Us

We read of freedom in the books from long ago; Justice prevailed then this is what we know; It may take a long time before our final stand; It may take a lifetime before they understand; Freedom, free...

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5. Mastermind

From the first day of your life you are drugged; In the water or any liquid you might drink; We don’t know when it started for sure; It controls the means to what you may think; Mastermind, to suppres...

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6. Take Me Home

We say our goodbyes tearful as they may; We can’t return, even from this day; To our final home we shall ever stay; So glorious, is all that they say; We board the train to the promised land; We’ve wo...

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7. The Executioner

He stares, with eyes, that come from the bowels of hell; He sees, through you, part of his deadly spell; He smiles, he laughs, he checks his tools of death; He asks, “last words?” like it was a grueso...

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8. The Lost And Found

We’ve circled the mountains, we’ve touched the sky; We’ve seen the ways on the other side; We’ve seen their oceans, and their deep blue seas; We’ll reach their heaven or we will surely die; We are the...

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9. The Promised Land

We are told it seems, from our first breath; That one day we’d cross, over the mountains; The land of gods, with the angels too; To spend eternity, in love and harmony; We work for nothing and the hou...

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