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1. Maria

Screaming through your words; even knowing that its not right; im motivated to go on; i judge my acts; and i speak, but i speak without thinking; so i reflect about my mirror; and i realize that i lov...

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2. Rainning

All we see is ashes / whater is running; the rain arrived / in our hearts; cleaned our blood / trats our skin and wash our bones; when the day comes / you will know the reason of our spirit is youth; ...

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3. Roosevelt

Dedicated/ humiliated; they watch their lives go by/ by their own ambition; they dont think about happiness/ they dont even know what love is; whatever it is; dominate every monster and see that they ...

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4. That's What She Said!

its my turn to dream; i cant/ see the world with my eyes; ive got my own way; and i dont fell what you do to me; cause i dont stay by myself; im not afraid to fall down; ill be reborn/ before i fall; ...

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