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1. Black Resplendent Waters

Rippling cold, watery grave. Moonlight hits the musty fog. I watch the ghostly boats, I hear the painful whines. Awaiting the morning storm. To carry the boats to shore. To release the emptiness. To l...

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2. Bore Black Feathers

Bore black feathers; Sinking sun, wilted, weary. Pierced nightfall, pale, hollow. The rain across your face. ; A sombre stream pesters my cheek. Deprived of light, forgotten glee. ; Scalpels of light ...

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3. For A Willful Virgin

Like a child; Frightened of the dark; You clench up; Hatred consumes me; When I look upon you; Cleanse me of your naivety; And kill yourself; You don’t give head; Lifeless bag of flesh; Don’t force me...

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4. My Breath Makes A Path Through The Dust

Mist embrace marble, step timidly; Evening shed, bled through fissured glass; Sapless leaves caress her marble sheet; Church bells, far-flung, ring; Within this coffin, she lays her head; A waning, am...

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5. Mysteries Of The Worm

Mysteries of the worm; In a cold, relentless region; A beast of disorder slumbers in solitude. Waiting to claim the Earth; And blister the sky with fissures of fire. ; Circles of fire on the floor. Bu...

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6. Pest Ban

Pest ban; Unremembered, unlamented, you skulk and crave only pity. Why should we retch on empty words? And stomach your deluded home-grown monomania, When the trail of your failure wends its fetid ste...

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7. Revelation

Ye so-called pious, ye self-styled elect, Behold your spoils. The harvest once sown, unwitting, in vain; Ye now shall reap. Rulers by fear and by torment, By threat of damnations teeth at our heels. N...

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8. Sedate Me!

Sedate Me! Sedate me! Sleep well in a world of unrest. (So you can) continue your mindless routine, development suppressed. Sedate me! Unable to shit but I can sleep. Combat morning sickness, Thalidom...

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9. The Vast Sea Of Suffering

In desperation I have sunk; Failure is the weight that anchors me; To ungodly ways; In the murky depths is where I’m lodged; A rotting, ill-made vessel; Sentenced to the waves, stripped bare by the ga...

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10. To Wander Eternal Corridors

To wander eternal corridors; Cast down through emptiness into the eternal pit of darkness. Drones of black death wisp past and deafen. Into the unknown eons, screaming! A faceless screech without a so...

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