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1. Calm & Medicated

dont take my advice; im calm, im medicated; stand to the side; off look their meditating; interested colors, im falling again; i pull you in, we'll both fall deeper in; can i say a word fifteen ways; ...

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2. Come Back

what hides beneath; pushes me, confuses every node tonight; foxy chick, hip as shit; god damn, but was it all a dream? would you know, would you know me? would you know, would you not seem to see? now...

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3. Damp Summer

in the midst of a damp summer; a midnight talking through frosted glass; tea time stagnance with a lover's fragrance; is all but forced, its time to last; what i saw in your eyes clear; inside me spar...

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4. Grip

feel my grip is it close enough to trick you; since your flippin out and so ya say "uh huh"; cope with feeling of frontal stealing; i wont turn the fuzz knob for you; think above pretend tough enough;...

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5. Locked Gates

save one piece of it; a slice of hope cut out of cold steel; i trace the light, it pulls me back; i think of your face and the strength i lack; i cant bend, unlock these gates; trust in me; i cant fin...

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6. Wole

Indirected and distracted; Twist and bend; Make up sin; Dodge the question; But who could mention; Anything you lie; But you gave me good advice; From such an awkward dice; I'll take a seat and watch ...

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