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1. Barunka Left

Red trams; Squeaking so much at the stops; Sparkling their electric horns; They have got those chill inner lights; As well as those immobile figures; Crestfallen bodies walking fast; In silence, givin...

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2. Blue Glass Highway

I dreamt (that) I was driving away on a blue glass highway; I knew that this day was the day; And that's why I feel the way I feel; I'm still running, blue glass all over the place; My life seems noth...

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3. Iceland

Waving over green; That's my mission here; Have to wait for planes; They could raid today; Sing, sing, I've got to sing; Run, Run, I've got to run; A wary crowd looking after the sky; Don't leave me a...

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4. Life As Interference

Conic dreams colliding with outer fields; Becoming time. Very old thoughts roam still airtight; Waiting for a beam of light; Sounds in code grace new harsh unknow colours; While black storms spend the...

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5. Meditation Park

Feeding squirrels and drinking coffee; At the Meditation Park; No one knows this place, that seems to me. Thousands of three-coloured leaves; Form a ground just made of trees; How long can they look t...

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6. Rannveig

Budejovicka, metro station, February; Chill wind, grey snow; Old ladies dragging their strained feet; Facing the endless avenue. Then, I identify her orange jacket; And her long blond hair.

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7. To Russia In White

Feel like a snowflake; So light that I could leave the wind; To lead my future; To gauge how long my fall will be; White gauzy backgrounds; Without this damned line that separates; 2 worlds, 2 shines;...

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