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1. Antithesis Of Origami

Waiting for a sign to say its OK, Faking all the smiles wrapped around my face, Focus on the pain and exfoliate, Focus on the pain, Antithesis. Carving notches in the past of no regret, Basking in the...

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2. Brakecheck

What about all the things that's come over me, Thinking 'bout some atrocities, What about all that blatant stupidity flowing over, Sickness mauling, the leaves falling, the leeches are crawling on me,...

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3. Chameleon Wars

Never quite understanding, Never quit comprehending, I feel the same for you and all those fuked up things you do, I fell the same for you I'm inspired. Gathering arms for chameleon wars, In the end y...

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4. Dangle

Snapshot the big to comin' your way, Footsteps they're heavy deafeining me, Woodenkeeps me company, second string put me in, Insert the ink pen, juguler vein, Break out the lunch box calling your name...

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5. E.l.t

Although it seems OK; It never really goes away; The damage is done; Always turns the color grey; No closures here; Floating in the air; No answers there, It all just dissapeared... ; And I wanted to....

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6. Glitches

Truth is taking over, Wrapped up in a suit of armor, Cannot penetratethis metal, Don't it make feel insecure, Seasons they are changing, Lit up like a christmas tree, Giving all the things desired, To...

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7. Gravity

No fun in hanging aroud here all day, Seems like I'm pissing all over my leg, Walkin the plank, Watching the sharks as they swim waiting for dinner, Your gravity's defeating me, Sadness and beauty are...

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8. Monsters

Is nothing sacred in those parasitic ways, Perhaps its just another to make you feel like you belong, I satnd accused of all your insecurities, Somehow your smoke and mirros cannot hidehide the envy. ...

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9. Peel The Rind

Build it up to just break it all down and see what's left, Swinging at the fence, wonder which sand it will land on. Scratching the surface below, peel the rind peel the rind, There's plenty of to go,...

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10. That Cool Refreshing Drink

All the lemonade I've made, Filling oceans, making waves, Don't really seen that strange, All the scenery has changed, Those precious little things, Disappearing day by day. So how's it going, And are...

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11. The Taste Of Vinegar

Soak it up like the sponge I am, Wring it over my face and hands, all over, Consume me in my shackled state, devastate, recreate, Those those things you'll never be. [Chorus] Taste of vinegar, Taste o...

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12. Totally Different Head

Your energy, save it to throw mw down the stairs again, Numeral three phobia, skim the cream, stop bleedingon everything. Totally different head seems to obsolete. Through the feces, back up the jagsa...

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