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1. All Over Again

Every day I feel the hole in my heart. And I know it's my fault, cause the life that I lead is so very hard. ; I know we agreed to give it some time. But it's love that I need and with out you, I feel...

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2. Be There For You

Yes I would like to; Yes if you want to; Yes that would be nice; Anything that you do. ; Make me believe all that you give is you. ; Show me the heart; Show me the soul; Show me the way; For me to mak...

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3. Can't Wait Any Longer

Tell me a story, of love and of kings, make me believe everything. Build me a dream, where a wish can come true, and I'll make a wish just for you. ; This heart can't resist you. These lips already mi...

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4. Coupe Deville

Take me back to yesterday; Thinkin bout the times that got away; Moterin around on Derby Hill; Ain't been back in oh so long; Now my old friends are dead or gone; All I've got now are memories; And it...

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5. I'm Feeling It Now

Tell me my only friend, these four walls are closing in. Darkness and light depend, a state of mind that I am in. Curse the anger and feel the pain, won't let it happen...to me again. ; I'm feelin, I'...

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6. Only Friend

Why can't I do anything; To satisfy the hunger that; I feel inside is killing me; I don't know why it's happening; To me the fear won't disappear; I've struggled hard, delusions I can't hide; If the w...

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7. Rattle Your Cage

Born rich it's been a real bitch; They took your fancy clothes and model pose; You've got passions for all the latest toys; Rehab made you feel drab; They took your little pills and windowsills; Not g...

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8. The Good Times

Do you remember when you were a child, All you had to do was, cry a little; For what you wanted , what you needed, To take your pain away. Not much has changed, your still the same; You still cry, whe...

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9. Trippin' Away

It's 8:00 A.M. The weekend ends; The sun it shines; The radio is blowin; Right through my mind; The feelings gone; What I was on; It's time to wake; Get out of bed; And feed my head; So late; I see th...

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10. When I'm Drunk

Seventeen gettin older; Packed my bags and I left to moved in with the queen; She gave me shelter; And all that I needed to keep me nose clean; I never met her; She waved several times until I cracked...

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