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1. Blood Is An Expence

I don’t know what I’m missing tonight; But I’m holding on bravely; And maybe today’s my last day on earth; But I feel like dancing; In the stars (so leave your gun in the closet); Again (so leave your...

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2. Borrowed

Between me and my life ther’s a shiny crystal; I can see clearly through it, but I can’t ever touch it; You now people have to really suffer enough; To risk it all to do, what they really love; You ha...

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3. Casualties From Heaven

(While you’re sleeping, While you’re dreaming; While you’re sleeping heaven descends to meet you); There’s so much to tell you but I guess you’re always running; I’m putting my tennis shoes so I can k...

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4. Cheap Universe

I always dreamed of being practical... logical; You wanted me married; You wanted me quiet; You wanted me buried so you got a riot; Cheap Universe, Cheap Universe; Cheap Universe, Cheap Universe; Chea...

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5. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Isn’t crime just fascinating? The perfect scenery, for our reality show; So here’s the way that it goes, And how the story begun:; It was the 2 of us. Just you, me and a gun; So come on, feel the nois...

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6. Girl With a Gun

Hey! you girl, now you’re getting down with it; ´cause now, you have it; Girl you gotta grab it; You’re sinner, a liar, and that is your power; And you’re playing with fire, regretting is sour…. ; Hey...

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