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1. All The Way To Heaven

I never thought that I would; Give my life to You; But now I need Your love in; Everything I do; And when my life is over; We can be together; Take me all the way to heaven; I will follow You forever;...

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2. Best Friends

We were just beginning; I didn't know your name; You were there with everybody; Walking in the rain; I didn't have to tell you; You didn't have to ask; I knew that we'd be friends forever; I knew that...

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3. Do You Wanna Know?

I've got a love, but I must be dreaming; I've never felt this feeling before; There is a way that I can depend on; Until the day when we can be sure; I know that we will live together; He'll be over a...

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4. Don't Get Left Behind

I would love to show you; If you'll try to understand; You need someone to lead you; To the heaven in your hands; You can try to make it on your own; But if you ever change your mind; Then you will ne...

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5. Don't Stop

I tell the world I love you; And with my familiar ring; Deep down I know I need you; Then I go and do a crazy thing; You are the only answer; And I want you here today; Give me a word of warning; Tell...

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6. Hold On

The sun is up and shining above you; The day is only beginning; And you have got a feeling inside you; Of all the joy that He's bringing; But this feeling inside; While it can't be denied; Will be har...

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7. Make That Noize

We can show you how, we live it up; Got it going on; We can show you now, we lift him up; He's the only one; Make that noize, turn it up; Everybody ´til the day we drop; Make that sound, shake the gro...

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8. Sometimes

Sometimes, I know you are walking beside me; So easy to see; I feel fine, when I am holding the lifeline; My joy is complete; Sometimes, I can be falling away; Then all I can do is pray; I need you to...

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9. Sunshine And Rain

Why did I wait for so long; To change my mind; I was afraid to know you; When I was blind; So much more than I deserve; Is everything You've given me; You will never let me go; And through the sunshin...

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10. Where I Wanna Be

I wanna be the way you are; Don't wanna be the one to stay in the dark; I wanna live the way you live; I wanna do it in the way that you did; Each time I talk about it; Well I can feel the love in you...

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11. Why Did I Let You Go?

I know this place; I saw you so many times; I'd see your face If; I could only rewind; I got to know you at the end of the day; I had to show you; Now you have gone away; Do I believe that I will see ...

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