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1. Emotions Run Cold

Bring me to a paradise; Where I can drown in my deceit; Shattered.... I pass beyond; My lost life, I now greet; Emotions run cold, fear begins to grow; Desponent feelings are mindless and gone; Gather...

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2. I Cross The Horizons

I am your lost life, the one that slipped away; You are no longer mortal and in dreams astray... ; Do not mourn; Do not cry tears of grief; See me fly; As I cross horizons; "And god shall wipe away al...

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3. In Misery I Dwell

Searching for supreme, cure to my misery; Stare down as I vanish, down the depths; Where doom.... breeds... My existance slowly fades, as I drown in; My grief, I pray to gods of the mind, Please end t...

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4. Saviour Reborn

Devourin their twisted lies; A creation of minds insane; Darkness surrounds my existance; Their prayers are inane; Preaching for eternal life; Your illusions clouds my mind; I seek comfort in my fears...

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5. Sunrise

Watch the sunrise once again, distant echoes now profane; As i wander through your mind and wonder what there is left; To find; Now unleash all this bliss, find that the sun will never; Rise again; Th...

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6. The Light Of Day

Laid to rest... I suffer for my, own words; This damnation, confuse the immortal herd; I drown in my sorrows, for the path I; Choose to walk; Damned by the living, to the hill; I now return... ; The s...

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