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1. Afraid Of Nothing

A dreamless sleep through the ages; Disturbed by a flash of light. Prenatal or postmortem ? It's existence nullified. ; And I know there is nothing to fear. Nothing was my home before I came here. And...

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2. Argumentum Ad Consequentiam

In a figurative savannah; A lion meets an abbot. So the man closes his eyes; And imagines it's a rabbit. All the wishing was in vain, He never opened his eyes again. ; When the feeble-minded fail; In ...

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3. Beyond Anthropic Dreams

A magically fine-tuned machine, A proud, anthropocentric dream, An inverse deduction of causality, An infantile logic refusing to see; The non-axiomatic nature of humanity. ; The specter of contingenc...

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4. Epilogue

His home was a cage in the sky, One day he fell down and died, Riddled by heart-breaking lies. He bore life with a smile, Hurting from each projectile, Watching purity's demise. ; Chorus:; In the end,...

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