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1. Great Loss

The bigger the mountain the bigger the loss; Of hope to get across; You build your castle within these walls; With bars instead of doors; Looking back on the years; On all the friends that I’ve lost t...

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2. Plug It In

About a year ago I met this wonderful girl; We started drinking in a bar; Then we went home to her; And on our way we connected like hell; Her music taste were the same as mine; It might not seem like...

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3. Special Feeling

Lost that special feeling; Somewhere along the way; I need some sexual healing; To make it through the day; I wanna feel OK; Please take my blues away; You’re gonna have to pay; You know; If you wanna...

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4. This One's For You

Once I first heard the sound of ska; Then my feet began to move; My legs and arms got a life of their own; To this beat they can’t refuse; I’m telling you; Ska, rocksteady, ska, rocksteady; Ska, rocks...

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