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Conheça as 3 letras de músicas de Uriah cadastradas no nosso site. Clique em cada uma delas para acessar detalhes diversos.

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1. Letters In Blood, David

You bind me, I served you my king, but you denied me these deep insults you bring, As you sacrifice me cast me out into the fray, my shadow will haunt you as you live your lie. . . ; Cast me to the fr...

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2. Move

I will not let you chain me down with these boundaries, you've set for those you feel can't handle; reality; I will become your pawn, moving step by step in this game, changing so you can watch us all...

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3. Parish

I remember when you said it would change, strange I believed you then; but no more empty promises shall leave your lips again. ; I know you never meant to hurt anyone; but I know the damage has alread...

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