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1. Always a Listener

Once there was a time I was nothing but free, man; Freedom was the prize at the end of the road; Down the highway, didn't know what to say; I was standing in the noise and was losing control; Now I'm ...

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2. Badlands

It grows like a bad seed; And brings pain and confusion; like there's no other state of mind; I am always somewhere in between; Badlands deep in my heart; They've made me judge and criticize; before I...

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3. Breakthrough

Too much talking, too much talking, nothing left to say; People busy acting like their time is not for sale; Days too long and years too short; They're always holding me back; Here am I, in this ocean...

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4. Give It All You Got

You gotta give to make it happen; Nobody is gonna ask you twice; Until you fall for some illusion; And you don't know the reason why; Another day of broken promises; You're feeling sick of this old pl...

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5. Pull Me Back In

I've grown up and got tired, I've been young just to sleep; Always thought I was someone else; now I'm not willing to win; Can you give some direction, 'fore I begin to crawl; In this maze of my own m...

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6. Stormy Day

A stormy day is how I feel right now; Feels like everything is upside down; Always stumbling through the empty streets; Don't know how I'm even on my feet; A stormy day and the city is crowded; The dr...

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7. Waiting For Tomorrow

Rolling over, now she's going to bed; She's gonna sleep, but what does she do instead; A broken heart is not that easy to fix right now; Thoughts collide, although her conscience is clean; She did eve...

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